Welcome to my portfolio!

My name is Josie Loeppky, I am an advertising major of the Creative Communications program at Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Over the course of the last two years, I have learned many valuable skills surrounding marketing and advertising. Creative, copy writing, radio spot production and developing strategies for various projects through careful research and implementation are just a few important skills I learned in the program.

During my last year in CreComm, I produced a podcast called “&then” which was dedicated to the stories behind Manitoba’s musicians. I produced 15 episodes featuring a different artist, musician and/or band from across Manitoba per show. Currently, I am in the process of pitching my podcast to CBC. Download &then on iTunes.


Here’s who I really am:

I’m Josie (Josée, Jos or Jo…sometimes even Jose. It doesn’t matter to me). I may be new on the communications scene but I know I’ve got a knack for it. I like to write conversationally, transparently, and (at appropriate times) comically. But most of all, I like people. I like to forge new friendships, working relationships and to connect with people from various fields.

So, if you want to be friends, colleagues, or have a chat about Canadian history, fishing or anything else mildly interesting – I’ll be right here, doing that social media stuff.